Copycat Recipe: 'Angels on Bare Skin' from Lush

Angels on Bare Skin is a popular soap-less cleanser that uses the exfoliating power of ground almonds, the moisture of pure vegetable glycerine, and the deep cleansing power of natural clay powder, along with deeply scented and therapeutic essential oils. At the prompting of one of my friends, I spent some time working on a recipe that I think is very close to the original and have even started using it myself on a regular basis! I think that you'll find my version both easy and cost effective since you can make it at home in literally a few minutes and at a quarter of the price you'd pay for it at the shop.

Copycat Recipe for Lush Angels on Bare Skin
Makes 60g

25g Ground Almonds – the finer grade the better
20g Kaolin Clay
13g Vegetable Glycerine
25 drops Rose Water
1/4 tsp Lavender buds
4 drops Lavender essential oil
3 drops Rose Geranium essential oil

Head here for the full recipe and instructions

And if you'd like to purchase the ingredients needed to make this recipe, I've listed them for your convenience in the below Amazon widget.

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  1. Are you going to be selling this in your shop Tanya??

  2. Hi Tanya, This looks very good - I'd like to give it a try - but where is the Amazon link to the ingredients? Sorry if I'm being thick but I've been up down and round this post and over to your shop as well! And I'm not experienced enough on natural beauty ingredients to figure it out for myself! All help appreciated! Cx

    1. You should see a green framed module above called 'Ingredients needed for Recipe'. It links to Amazon . com though

  3. Cant find the green module or Amazon link...

    1. cant find it tooo...

  4. Tanya @ Lovely Greens18 April 2014 08:34

    Hi Giuliana, Bentonite, and French Green, Yellow, Pink, and Red Clays would all work. Happy making :)



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